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  • ghetto_justice_tristess

    Ghetto Justice – Tristesse


    Berlin's finest GHETTO JUSTICE with some raw and pissed off german hardcore. 110% real talk!
    Fick die AFD, yo!

    SIDE A
    1. Don't believe da hype
    2. Tristesse

    SIDE B
    3. Stier
    4. Dissonance

  • medea_demo

    Medea – Doomed From Birth


    Medea’s ‘Doomed From Birth’ is finally available on 7″. If you’re into groovy, thrashing hardcore – check this out.

    SIDE A
    1. Spellbound By The Wicked
    2. Doomed From Birth

    SIDE B
    3. Dagger Of Discipline
    4. Breeding Hatred

    Digital download available after checkout!

  • detain_state_of_ermergency

    Detain – State of Emergency


    Detain’s 7″ “State of Emergency” hits you like a bulldozer.