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  • vinyl_only

    Ratlord – s/t (Vinyl)


    You’ll receive a random and special vinyl color

    25x b-side print in neon fuchsia red
    25x b-side print in turquoise blue
    50x b-side print in white
    200x b-side unprinted

  • ghetto_justice_tristess

    Ghetto Justice – Tristesse


    Berlin's finest GHETTO JUSTICE with some raw and pissed off german hardcore. 110% real talk!
    Fick die AFD, yo!

    SIDE A
    1. Don't believe da hype
    2. Tristesse

    SIDE B
    3. Stier
    4. Dissonance

  • beneath-the-wheel-afterlife-myths

    Beneath The Wheel – Afterlife Myths


    If you are into Black Breath, Entombed, early Thrash Metal, Death Metal and Metal influenced Hardcore in general, you’ll love this album. Beneath The Wheel’s debut LP „Afterlife Myths“ contains 11 evil songs which will be released as a 12″ LP including download codes and also available on Spotify, Amazon, iTunes and Deezer.

  • medea_demo

    Medea – Doomed From Birth


    Medea’s ‘Doomed From Birth’ is finally available on 7″. If you’re into groovy, thrashing hardcore – check this out.

    SIDE A
    1. Spellbound By The Wicked
    2. Doomed From Birth

    SIDE B
    3. Dagger Of Discipline
    4. Breeding Hatred

    Digital download available after checkout!

  • detain_state_of_ermergency

    Detain – State of Emergency


    Detain’s 7″ “State of Emergency” hits you like a bulldozer.

  • lucifer_the_lightbearer

    Lucifer The Lightbearer – Generations


    4-Song banger debut EP “Generations” straight outta Leipzig (Germany) on 12″ Vinyl

  • Sale

    Done – A War Between Heart And Mind

    7,00  5,00 

    Digital Download available after purchase