New website online!

We just wanted to keep you guys updated. After Flo and Morris of Redbeard Revolt Records joined Injustice Records a lot has changed and we’re happy to present you our new onlinestore. We were very annoyed by our old onlinestore for a lot of reasons and we decided to work on something new!

Beside of that nerdy crap, we want to keep you also updated about the upcoming Injustice Records releases:

Beneath The Wheel – Afterlife Myths 12″
If you’re into Black Breath, Entombed, early Thrash Metal and Metal influenced Hardcore in general, you’ll love this album. Beneath The Wheel’s debut LP “Afterlife Myths” contains 11 evil songs which will be released as a 12″ LP including download codes and will also be available on Spotify, Amazon, iTunes and Deezer.

Souls Denied – Dethroned Cassette
Really old florida death metal meets heavy mosh. This 3-Song demo will be released as a tape, limited to 75 pieces.

Deluminator – Coronary Cassette
This is a re-issue of the first Deluminator EP, limited to 75 cassettes.

Ten Ton Hammer – Self Titled Cassette
Philadelphia heavy hitters “Ten Ton Hammer” are playing very fast, aggressive and heavy hardcore right in your face! If you’re into CDC and stuff like that, this is your kind of hardcore! This self titled demo will be limited to 75 cassettes.

So if you’re into of these releases make sure to check out our latest arrivals!

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